Contractor Accommodation in Doncaster

Find out why contractors love to stay with us.

Why you should stay with Travel Lettings

Whether you’re an contractor or a employer, finding the right digs isn’t easy, needing to find somewhere that ticks all the boxes of cost, comfort and convenience. Many options rarely deliver on all counts, but when you choose Travel Lettings we’re committed to providing the best contractor accommodation in Doncaster, whatever your trade or occupation.

Travel Lettings vs hotel room

When you compare our pricing to nearby hotels that offer contractor accommodation in Doncaster, you’ll notice it actually works out cheaper using one of our serviced houses, especially if you need to accommodate 3 or more people. As you would need to pay for multiple hotel rooms, whereas with our offering you would be paying for a full house which can sleep 4,5 or more people. Also a major benefit over a hotel room, is the superior space and facilities with fully equipped kitchens, smart TV’s and fast free Wifi. 

Long term discounts

We are able to offer our guests  some discounts when booking over a longer period of time. This can be especially useful for companies deploying their work force on longer term projects in Doncaster and surrounding areas. Simply call or email to find out more about our long term booking pricing.




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Most frequent questions and answers

A serviced house is accommodation that offers self catering facilities with services such as cleaning and linen changes included, mostly suitable for days, week and months.

Our minimum stay duration is 3 nights.

We understand that your van/vehicles are one of the most important part of your business, so all our services houses have off road parking for at least one vehicle.

The beauty of a serviced house is that you have the entire place to yourself, so you won’t be exposed to other guests as you would in a hotel. We also have a rigorous cleaning protocol in place, where the house is thoroughly sanitised between guests. Free hand sanitiser is supplied at all out houses on entry, to ensure that all bacteria is killed before entering.

The price is very competitive or even cheaper, especially when you need to accommodate 3 or more people. All our serviced houses sleep 4 or more people and if you use a hotel, you would need to pay for multiple rooms.